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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Anna Livia "Lounge"

For an airport that's serving approximately 20 million passengers a year the Anna Livia lounge (The Business Lounge operated by the DAA) is really a bit too small (not to mention fairly crap). It's not much larger than a large sitting room in someone's house ... seems (whenever I'm there at least) to be too small ... the selection of food (especially) and drink is pretty poor ... They don't even allow you to steal the newspapers and there are no windows.

Why can't the DAA make a better lounge (upstairs in Pier B beside the Aer Lingus Gold circle ?) - I would imagine it's a fairly profitable operation for them as they can charge visitors / airlines for usage of the lounge.

The right place for Terminal 2 ?

It seems from reading the latest plans, that if what is currently planned ever gets started it will involve the demolition / removal from use of most of Pier C, which is currently the only decent bit of the airport and was built less than 10 years ago at considerable expense. It seems more than a little bit short sighted really.